Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New York Part 7 : Central Park!

This is one of my favourite places in New York!

First, we went to Central Park Bike Tours to rent a bike.
We got a 3-Hour Bike Rental for FREE with New York Pass

Off we go!

Central Park is a 843-acre park in New York

While Hyde Park covers 350 acres in the centre of London

Beautiful place!

Juliaa where are youu 

Stopped by a lake for a rest

Luqman came later

In the heart of New York surrounded by buildings


Let's go back!

Oh wait, not before a treat >..<

Ok now we can go

Walk walk walk

Returning the bikes

Walking to subway ;)

Mr. Columbus

Busy subway

End of Day 1! Looking forward to tomorrow's adventure!

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