Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sales Assistant

I got a temporary job as a Sales Assistant in Farmasi Voon, Kuantan. I just started working on Monday, August 14th. After two days of working, I can say that although it was tiring, it was quite enjoyable. I get to see common medications asked by customers/patients.

I don't know how pharmacists and the staff can memorize all the medications on the shelves. They have like thousands of drugs there! They have Yasmin, Yaz, Liza, Diane, Mercilon, Rigevidon and more!

Farmasi Voon is open everyday. Monday to Friday : 9am to 9pm. Sunday : 9am to 2pm only. They have shift system as well. My shift goes like this:

Monday       : 9am - 6pm
Tuesday      : 9am - 9pm (Full Day)
Wednesday : Off Day
Thursday     : 9am - 7pm (Extra One Hour)
Friday          : 9am - 6pm
Saturday      : 12pm - 9pm (Night Shift)
Sunday        : 9am - 2pm

There was an uncle asking for V from the staff. She then took out Viagra 100mg from the drawer and gave it to him.

A doctor came in asking for antibiotics. She seemed familiar but I cannot recall where I've met her.

Lots of customers wanted to buy N95 and child face mask but they were out of stock.

A fragile pakcik showed me Rifampicin and Ceftriaxone, asking if he can buy those. Unfortunately we cannot sell antibiotics without doctor's prescription. The pharmacist was out for lunch break.

This kakak wearing N95 walked in, asking for Ventolin. Her face was red, eyes red, she seemed out of breath. I wanted to ask her to sit down and rest for a while, but I wasnt sure if it was appropriate.

A female customer was angry and shot me an angry look because I didnt tend to her question. I wanted to ask the staff there about her question but the customer quickly walked away.

An aunty didnt seem to trust me when I showed her the correct size for a knee brace. She went on to ask the pharmacist which then asked me to take one size bigger.

What can I say, I am a new worker. There are a lot of things that I don't know. But I am willing to learn and improve myself. Go Go Ainnn!!

Google Earth of my work place, on your right

Google Maps - Street View
This is not the latest photo btw. They now have a giant signboard written Farmasi Voon.
Still located just beside Watsons.

Dealing with aunties and uncles there makes me want to take a Mandarin language course.

Hey heyy take one step at a time, Ainnnnn LOL

September 16th - HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY!!

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