Thursday, October 01, 2015

New York Part 15 : Masjid Manhattan and Hummus Place

We stopped by a mosque for prayer. Masjid Manhattan, 30 Cliff Street, New York.

The entrance

Rules and Regulations

Floor Directory

Going up to fourth floor

Okay we are here

Kitchen area

Clean toilet, very nice

Wudhu area

Prayer area

After prayer, where did we go?

To the subway

Where to?

Dinner at Hummus Place! :D

Choose choose

You wanna eat or taking photos?

Take photos! LOL

The dining area

What is hummus? Check out their website here

Let's eattt :D

Full alreadyy

Now we go back?

Yes let's go back home

The street

Cool car

Cool building


No internet connection

End of Day 3!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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