Sunday, October 11, 2015

New York Part 25 : Luna Park, Coney Island (Part 1)

We made sure to arrive at Luna Park before 12 noon!

Hot hot hot

Not open yet

Opening hours

4-hour FREE ride with NY Pass

Julia's favourite place

Thunder Bolt

Wild River - our first mild ride

The Tickler - my second ride for the day

My last ride no more after thiss
I was so terrified I felt like dying it was really really crazy

This one I didnt dare to try

Just look at thatt! *faint*

Let's go find other rides

Oh my.

No thank you I'll pass

Let's go outside

Brighton Beach

Everybody was wearing as little as possible lol

Let's try other rides come on


I'll pass again this time LOL
Looks like Luqman was enjoying his ride :P

Soarin' Eagle

Whopper Water

This is crazy! We didnt try this one

Go on guys

Steeplechase *shiver*

Enjoy your rides, kids. I'll wait here kay :P

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