Monday, October 12, 2015

New York Part 26 : Luna Park, Coney Island (Part 2)

Julia was the bravest - she tried almost all the rides there. Luqman went with her sometimes (but not all lol). As for me, I wont ride all of them even if you gave me a thousand bucks!

Julia went alone this time



Fresh lemonade for $5

Fly fly

More ride, Julia?

Yes definitely! LOL

High high up

Wahhh. I was the one screaming LOL

Julia wanted to try that one too, Luqman said no LOL

But she said YES lol

Seriously Julia.

Just look at that face.

Excited Julia after the ride

Chicken. LOL

Ice creamm!

What flavour do you want?

Yum yumm

Use the umbrella its hot!

People doing photoshoot for an ad

Sitting by the beach to finish the melting ice-cream

Next stop - Gift Shop!

Last pose before we go out

Here also

And here

Ok now let's go!

Last one last one lol

Now where are we going?

Let's take a bus

Where to?

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