Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New York Part 27 : Masjid Bab Salam and Grimaldi's

After Luna Park, we went to perform our prayer here:

Took a bus ride to go here

Get down

Where's the mosque?

It's here!

Performing our responsibility

Wudhu' area


Right next to it is a small shop serving halal food

Then we took a subway

To Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge

Love is all you need

You have to buy the whole pizza, no slices sold here

The best pizza in New York

We didn't get any toppings, just a plain pizza

It was reaaally goood
Ahh I am hungry noww lol
Then we walked to subway
Aw Luqman and Julia were tired alreadyy :P


Passing by a field


Yay! Time to go home!

Luqman : Pah aku campak jugak fon kau tu nanti sudah laa penat ni tau :P
Julia : Tangkap lagi satu Pah lagi satu :P

End of Day Seven!


  1. Lol. Yes, we were tired. But I still wanted to walk across the Brooklyn bridge. Sayang betul tak sempat lalu bridge.

    1. Yeaaa me too.. takpelah takde rezeki nak buat macamana... >..<