Friday, October 16, 2015

New York Part 30 : Summary

This is my last post regarding our trip. We are going to look at some maps, folks! Lol

United States is a big country compared to our teeny tiny Malaysia
Yes, Alaska and Hawaii are included

Zoomed in... New York is on the East Coast (your right hand side)
When I have the money and time later on, I want to explore West Coast!
San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are on the list!

Zoomed in some more... the red outline is New York.
We had not been to Staten Island.

We had been here and there explorin'
Google only let me add these many locations on Map lol are all the posts I've written:

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New York Part 3 : Hey New York!
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New York Part 29 : Goodbye!

The End. 

Have a good day, folks! :)

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