Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Convo! :D

My convocation ceremony was held on 8th November (Sunday) in Cultural Activity Centre, IIUM Gombak. Here are photos of the day!

With Farahh :D

With Shukriahh :D
Credit to Shukriah Aqilah Zakaria

Credit to Shukriah Aqilah Zakaria

Before entering the hall
Credit to Nurul Aida Mahyidin

Credit to Nurul Aida Mahyidin

Inside the hall
Credit to Ummu Atiqah Adnan

Waiting for our turn to get on stage :D

Teddyyy :D

With our beloved Prof. Hamizah and Dr. Mai :D
Credit to Syazzana Supardi

Thank you Umi Thank you Abah muahhh

Siblings :D

Here's the full video of our 31st IIUM Convocation Ceremony:

Aaaand this is the short version of My Convo you can see me walking into the hall, in my seat and on stage! See if you can spot me ;) I edited the 3-hour video into 15 minutes long. At the end of this short video you can see our valedictorian from Kulliyyah of Education delivering her powerful speech.

Have a good day everyone! Happy Deepavali! :)


  1. congratulations!!! semoga berjaya untuk lepas ni

  2. Congrats Ain! :) All the best for work nanti!!!

    1. Thank you very much Sarah! All the best to you too! :)