Friday, December 04, 2015

Create Your Own Website Using

I have been using Website Builder to create two websites now and I must say, I am a satisfied user. From the easy interface and excellent customer support, I give them 4 stars!

Here are some screenshots to give you an overview of how it works. First, you Create a New Account and then, Create a New Site. Here's your dashboard:

I have published and upgraded two websites above ( and
If you don't upgrade your website, it will look like the one below (
Upgrade means you have to pay some money for a certain time. I'll show you later.

When you click Edit Site, you will be brought to your website.
You have to Choose a New Template first, and then work from there.
Note that you CANNOT change the template after you choose it (you can still edit it)

The left side panel shows Add Content, Pages, Sections, Design, Blog, Stats and Manage.
Some features are only available if you upgrade your website.
For example, you cannot put more than one videos or embed google map on your website if you dont upgrade.
Or use E-commerce feature. Or edit Mobile View.

Speaking of upgrade, here's how much you have to pay.
USD 4.61 = RM 19.47 per month (50% discount). You can choose whether to pay per month, per year or per two-years.
Note : If you're a first time user, don't upgrade your site too quickly. I waited for at least a week before upgrading my website because I noticed that the discount becomes more as I edited my site day by day; I got up to 70% discount!
You will have your own FREE domain when you upgrade. 

USD 66.38 = RM 280.42 for two years subscription.
So that means I have to pay (my DAD has to pay lol) RM 11.68 per month!
And this is for my first website. 

For my second website, I was chosen to receive the BlackFriday offer! :D
I only have to pay USD 12 for one year subscription how cool is thattt :D :D
That means USD 1 = RM 4.22 per month! :D :D :D
Thank you Mr. Owen! Hehe

Speaking of their customer service, my query was answered within a few hours on the same day. Excellent!
Thank you for your answer, Mr. Spencer Willis!

So here's Desktop View for my first website :

This is the Mobile view.
You can choose the option Desktop View as well. That means, people who view your website using their mobile device will see the Desktop View on their phone. I chose that option so that I dont have to edit the site again to make it fit.

And here's Desktop View for my second website :

The Mobile view

Creating a website becomes easy when you have online website builders like,,,, and many more! Happy Googling and Happy Creating! :D

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