Sunday, January 03, 2016

Welcome 2016! :D

So....a quick update!

1. I worked in my dad's office for two months only, until the end of December. Right now I am working for my dad from home, finishing some stuff here and there.

2. Online application for my housemanship will be open from January 18th to 25th. Hope there's an empty slot for Hospital Ampang!

3. Have to do medical checkup and open a KWSP account before work.... and maybe a CIMB account as well.

4. Sent my eldest sister to Sarawak for her work - she'll be a Medical Officer in Sarawak, how cool is thatt! Hope she'll get the hospital she wants, in Sibu.

5. Sent my 16-year-old sister to her boarding school this morning, in SMA Al-Maarif, Bukit Goh. The other sister will go back to her university this end of January.

6. Two more months left before I start working in a hospital as a House Officer. If everything goes well, I'll go for Program Transformasi Minda (a five-day compulsory course we need to attend before start working for the government) on February 22nd to 26th.

7. I am enjoying my free time before I start working. I am gonna read up some books (starting with Jodi Picoult's Leaving Time), download some good drama series (CSI Cyber series are awesome!) and movies (Dilwale is on my watch list), doing some gardening (put fertilizers and tend the garden), cooking and baking (I am thinking of Tiramisu Cake yumm!) and of course, finishing my dad's work (am gonna make a video clip!). 

8. New Year Resolution? Hmm let's see... 

I want to work hard to achieve my goals. 
I want to start saving money for future. 
I want to stay healthy and happy.

Only three for now hehe. 

So....let's do this!! :D

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