Thursday, March 31, 2016


Its been almost a month since I started working as a houseman (junior doctor) in Medical department, Hospital Ampang. I still have a lot more to learn, especially on how to be more efficient and getting the work done on time.

22/2 - 26/2/16- Program Transformasi Minda

29/2 - 4/3/16 - Orientation in Hospital Ampang

7/3/16 - First Day Tagging in Medical Department

28/3/16 - Officially Off Tag

Now I am included in the group and will have my own timetable. 

Last night my was my first oncall and it was tiring - to take blood of every patient in the ward, and to clerk three new cases admitted. Didnt get to sleep at all, but that's work. I'll get used to it.

Today is my off day. It feels so good to have a good rest at home.

Regaining my strength to face work tomorrow! Yeah let's do this!

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